We infuse a range of spices into classic Bundaberg rum to create a flavour that perfectly complements our rich PNG dark chocolate. Star anise, preserved oranges and cinnamon sticks are seeped in rum before it is combined with the base chocolate.

We enjoyed developing this particular flavour enormously (who wouldn’t enjoy sipping on rum while at work?!) and have now started working on other liqueur combinations that we believe will work. Watch out for our brandy and orange, coming later in 2016, and we have some very special blends in the pipeline for Christmas, capturing the essence of the season.

Our chocolate pod is constantly busy, not only producing bars for our growing number of customers, but also testing out our ideas. Most visitors to the pod are asked to taste the latest blends in progress, and we take all comments seriously. When they ask for another taste “just to be sure,” we know we’re onto a winner!