Jasper + Myrtle is an award winning chocolate maker that takes carefully sourced cocoa beans and roasts them to perfection, blending with exquisite flavours to create delicious and distinctive bars, lovingly handmade in Canberra, Australia. Like fine wine, each batch is different. We match the best natural ingredients with the most suitable beans to produce truly unique chocolate. We do not use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. We ethically source our ingredients including cocoa beans we use, ensuring sustainability and traceability of our products.


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We make our chocolate at a small factory at 1 Dairy Road, Fyshwick in Canberra, Australia. Here, we roast our beans and turn them into delicious chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and coated products. They are sold from our shopfront (see map below) but also in shops around the Canberra region and nationally. We also make creamy gelato, available in tubs from our shop and selected outlets around Canberra. Come and say hello.