Products MainOur overall aim is simple – we try to make the most delicious chocolates we can. We do this by continuing to perfect our techniques, sourcing more beans from different countries and developing more flavour combinations. We do this so that Jasper and Myrtle become synonymous with innovative flavours and fine chocolate.

We make the chocolate from bean to bar. Having searched for the best raw and fermented beans from ethical sources, we roast them to bring out their flavour. To separate the husks from the beans, we then winnow them and grind the beans into a rich cocoa liquor.

The cocoa liquor is incorporated with other ingredients in the melange, which is left to grind for ten hours or more. We check on this progress regularly so that the chocolate is perfect.

Then, we temper the chocolate by hand and mould it, leaving it to set at just the right temperature, before packaging it in our signature boxes. We make our chocolate in small batches so we can be sure that every bar is perfect and spend weeks testing and refining each flavour so it meets our standards of taste and texture.

We are delighted to announce that our chocolate is award-winning. Our delicious Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle Milk Chocolate won the bronze award at the 2016 Melbourne Fine Food Awards and bronze in the Americas and Asia Pacific International Chocolate Awards. Our Wakame & Himalayan Sea Salt Dark Chocolate holds the silver medal in the 2016 Melbourne Fine Food Awards.

We also sell cacao beans from Peru, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. Please contact us for further details and prices.